RPV International Trading LLC
is an American company that manufactures in Brazil.


Our factory - Bela Pedra. Works with a wide variety of the most beautiful semiprecious stones from the best and largest mines in the area and worldwide.

With our technology and modern equipment we transform design and semiprecious stones into beautiful eternal pieces.

RPV's main objective is to provide in the international market to the leading players, distributors, sales representatives and retailers with natural semiprecious stones , variety of plating, textures and designerproducts, with quality and manufacturer warranty.

For designers and major players we offer Private Label Collection services with a wide range of unrivaled quality raw materials, cutting-edge technology and hypoallergenic products.

Our production capacity ranges from small to large quantities, creating products from the simplest to the most cost-effective.

In addition of meeting the International market's demand for fashion jewelry, RPV has its own exclusive designer branded products that transform thenature of natural stones and precious metals into true masterpieces,creating a new trend



Bela Pedra- A fashion jewelry Factory, was founded in Brazil in 1990 by visionary Italian-Brazilian entrepreneur Rosito Pietro Vendruscolo.

He started the factory cutting precious and semiprecious stones for the early Brazilian industry. Over the years, he has become a reference in innovation and technology in the fashion jewelry industry in Latin America. 

Bela Pedra currently manages around 200 highly trained employees committed to the quality and growth of the company. Bela Pedra is located in an area of 107,000 square feet, designed for the development, creation and production of plated jewelry, fine jewelry and 925 silver jewelry. Standing out for technological innovation, state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled artisan techniques, good taste and sophistication.

Bela Pedra is not only the leading supplier of plated jewelry in the domestic market but also in Latin America, United States and Europe. It is also the largest producer of Druse in America.

What differentiates Bela Pedra is the great diversity of precious and semi-precious stones of national and international origin, exclusive cuts and shapes and manufacturing processes from the raw material to the final product.

They are creators and developers of: electroplating, precision machining, computer and manual cutting, water jet cutting, galvanizing and dyeing, as well as metal technology such as 3D modeling (prototyping), casting, laser cutting, PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating andelectroplating.

In order to transcend into the International markets, Bela Pedra created RPV International Trading to meet the world's demand, conquered by its know-how, quality of products and services. RPV International has its showroom at Brickell area in-Miami to serve their diverse clients. The show room has selected products available from our best designers and serves Private Label clients.

RPV International has its showroom at Brickell area in-Miami to serve their diverse clients.

People Management

The most important factor in the development of the company are the people. With great knowledge and dedication, they make Bela Pedra the main reference in the manufacture of semiprecious stones jewelry.

Our employees are valued through human resources programs, as we believe that their talent is the differential of a successful team

Work Safety

Safety at work is the concern with the life of the employee, so frequent training is given on the importance of using personal protective equipment and health care.


The importance of caring for the environment is paramount. All the production processes are carried out according to environmental legislation, we recycle our waters, not depositing to the environment any material that can harm or contaminate it.

Execution of the
Apprentice Minor Program

The minor apprentice program aims to empower and offer competence young people entering the job market. We serve our community by fostering the local market.