Stone Types and Cuts

Round cut stone


Cabochons are cut stones in round shape and without faces. A cabochon will always have the top part rounded out and the bottom can be flat, convex or concave. Having an easier format to produce it is the oldest kind of cutting that exists.

Stone with irregular crystal tips


Druse is the name given to the formation of irregular crystal tips in the same base. Through metallization, druses can also gain new colors,making the jewelry more sophisticated.

Teardrop stone with many facets


The art of lapidating stones is what highlights its beauty, providing the maximum brightness to the piece. The lapidate facets on the stones are symmetrical, and the more facets it has, the higher its brightness and value will be.

iridescent mother of pearl


The mother of pearl is a calcareous substance that forms the inner most layer of the shell of a mollusk and may present various colors and different shades. Widely used in the semiprecious jewelry market, the mother of pearl has an unquestionable natural beauty pleasing the eyes of the beholder