In search of efficiency and improvement in development, Bela Pedra counts with advanced technology in equipment and processes that guarantee the quality of the products. The constant investments in technology make us a reference in the manufacturing of semiprecious jewelry with natural stones, being known worldwide for its high quality standard and the exclusive services for all customers.

3D model of a ring


With 3D modeling software and qualified professionals, the technical sketch created by designers gains three-dimensional shapes on computers. From the beginning to the end of the development, everything is done in a planned way so that quality and technology go side by side.

Machine for Prototyping


Prototyping In 3D prototyping, the three-dimensional models developed in the computer come to life and become physical models. With state-of-the-art machines, Bela Pedra is one of the pioneers in prototyping in Brazil and is always searching for new technologies.


PVD cathodic arc Always looking for innovation in the jeweler trade, where Bela Pedra found in the Physical Vapor Deposition an alternative innovation of its products. The coating method applied on the models gives a special charm to the pieces allowing new variations of colors to the metals, increasing their durability.


The stones have always been the differential at Bela Pedra and with that in mind, the company invested in automated cutting machines, allowing our products to differentiate not only in the Brazilian market but also worldwide. This allows agility in the process and perfect symmetry on the facets (cuts) highlighting even more the beauty of the gems.


The water jet cutting technology is a cold cut that uses a supersonic water system abrasive enough to cut any material. In Bela Pedra it is widely used to cut stones in different shapes, giving Designers freedom in designing their pieces.


The digital laser cutting technology provides a more accurate finishing and it is used to cut metal sheets, leather, wood, acrylic, etc. With this, the elaboration of the projects gains more options, adding more originality to the final product.


In search of quality and productivity, vacuum induction melting is a great way to meet these needs. With imported state-of-the-art equipment, the optimization of the melting is a reality, being essential for the current requirements of the jeweler market worldwide.


Vacuum wax injection machines are the most modern in the fashion jewelry market. With them it is possible to optimize the models through various configurations until reaching the ideal weight, while keeping the characteristics of the initial design.