Copy of Process

Bela Pedra is synonymous of quality, beauty and sophistication. The jewels are manufactured with the best precious and semi precious materials with handcrafted jewelry finishing. At our factory it is used the most modern technology of electrode-position of metals. The process is done with the latest technology machinery that offers our consumers an international standard of quality.
Drawings of Products

Product Engineering

The models developed by Bela Pedra are previously analyzed by everyone involved in the engineering process. With this, any problems that could happen in the production process are minimized. Therefore, with each project a new achievement and with it the certainty a product of quality and elegance

Assortment of gems

Selecting the Best Gems

The selection of the best gems is done with great care. Each raw gem is previously analyzed so that final product meets the expectations of our customers

Special cut wavy star shaped item

Stones Special Cuts

Stones with special cuts allow designers freedom in the elaboration of the projects. With this, our customers find a differentiated product that,added to metals, becomes a concept in the fashion jewelry world

Hand holding gem

Calibration and Cutting

The calibration process and stone cutting process is defined in the product engineering and can be done manually or automated depending on the need. This perfecting in the stone values its natural beauty and highlights its brilliance

Customized text on surface

Customized Finishing

The designs developed at Bela Pedra are unique! Each product has its own characteristics and the result of this process is the combination of metal and stone with a customized finishing.

Wax castings

Lost Wax Casting

This technique is use to manufacture jewelry and other objects, in which the metal is subjected to high temperatures and, in a liquid state, is placed in a mold resulting in the final model. This millennial art has been perfected over the years, making it a reliable and effective method.

Jewelry pieces being electroplated

Surface Treatment

Thinking about the durability of the product, the electroplating process is used to apply the coating of gold and other precious metals on the surface of the base metal. The surface treatment, besides making the product more resistant, also improves the leveling and the brightness.

A machining machine


Machining machines speed up the production process of the wood models. They make the thinning facilitating the final process of finishing and polishing.Machining machines also serve as support for maintenance, in them its possible to make the machining of pieces and tools that are used in other production machines.

Intricate cut metal design

Metal with Special Cuts

Metals with special cuts are one of the alternatives found to facilitate the development when it comes to surface in two dimensions. In this process, cuts are made to subsequently make folds or assemblies eliminating the casting process