An excellent stone to fight anxiety, transmits peace and makes our personal balance stronger. Protects against negative energies.


A stone of spirituality that stimulates our inner power and diffuses harmony. Grants peace and tranquility.


Stimulates trust and harmony. Helps to focus attention on the present moment and activates creativity and sexuality. Its fire energy leads to action and movement.


One of the great stones of power it revitalizes the physical body. An agent of universal balance.


This stone invigorates the spirit and communicates beauty and joy.


Considered the stone of transformation, acting as a bridge between the frequencies of the Earth and the frequencies of the higher realms.

Tiger Eye

A stone that renews spiritual power. Helps to maintain a strong sense of self, increasing our ability to take initiative.


Known for its magical and healing properties.

Rose Quartz

The stone of love. This stone encourages self-love, understanding and acceptance of feelings by promoting a soothing sense of inner well-being.

Yellow Rutilated Quartz

Known for millenniums as a stone of truth and protection.


Produces a peaceful effect, helping to fight anxiety and restlessness. Increases the capacity to achieve a peaceful state of mind and improves our communication skills.


Created an aura of protection against negative external inflows. Helps in the ability of concentration.


Acts as a purifier by balancing energy and harmony.

Red Jasper

The health stone, exerts regenerative effects on the body. Great to reinvigorate our energies, especially after physical stress.


Soothes and prevents explosive and highly emotional states. Neutralizes negative energy and calms irritable states, bringing more serenity.


Stone related to sexuality. Helps maintain and balance relationships.


Creates a sense of empowerment. Represents femininity, class, and grace.  

Blue Quartz

Has a calming effect on the mind and stimulates hope.

Rutilated Quartz

Known as a stone of truth and protection.


Favors love, harmony, protection, confidence, abundance and wealth.


Gives more vitality to its users. During meditation, activates our creative capabilities.


A great energy stabilizer, promotes harmony between body and soul, between Yin and Yang. Gives more stability and joy of living.


Acts on our willpower and motivation. Calms emotive states and radiates a sense of confidence in our personal qualities, attracting prosperity.


Helps to eliminate feelings of sadness and loneliness. Brings a greater state of inner confidence that translates into positive events in our lives.


Very beneficial to the heart, this stone calms the agitated mind and protects against negative energies.

Black Obsidian

Increases self-control and helps break old habits and addictions. Removes negativity and excess sensitivity.

Smoked Quartz

Brings protection and is known as one of the main stones against negative energies.


Stone of wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Because of its high mineral content, has an effect of harmonization.

Red Rutilated Quartz

Known for bringing out the truth and granting protection.

Tourmaline Quartz

Alleviates pain caused by large stresses and protects against negative energies.